About This Toolkit

Gun Free South Africa (GFSA) is working to make the country safer by reducing and preventing gun violence through influencing the law, social mobilisation and creating awareness.

We are working with young people like you to find out what your experiences and concerns with gun violence are and to mobilise action together.

This toolkit has been designed for young South Africans aged 18–25. It offers a set of modules that give an overview of the issue of gun violence in South Africa, as well as ways in which all community members, in particular youth, can prevent and reduce gun violence and create safer communities — from the highest level of influencing policy to community level, including local activism and civic engagement.

The modules are as follows:

Module 1: Gun Control in SA 
The gun law in South Africa and how it has saved lives

Module 2:The Role of Policy
How policy is made and how you can get involved in the process

Module 3: Men and Guns
How gun violence affects men in South Africa and what can  be done to reduce the demand for guns

Module 4: Youth and Guns
The impact of gun violence on youth in South Africa and what can be done to address it

Module 5: Women and Guns
How gun violence affects women in South African and what can be done to prevent it

Module 6: Gun Free Zones
How to create Gun Free Zones in your community


GFSA Toolkit

GFSA Toolkit


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This publication was made possible with the support of the DG Murray Trust and the Raith Foundation.


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